In an effort to employ and grow the local workforce we can provide services through partnering agencies to meet your unfilled positions. Whether it is accepting resumes on your behalf or assist with marketing your job opportunities, we can facilitate those services upon request.



Iowa's Business Engagement & Worker Training

The purpose is to support the development of partnerships and business engagement strategies that ultimately results in workers receiving competency based training.This will allow  individuals to quickly adapt to changes in their current occupation or industry or move to new industries should their current environment no longer presents viable career options.

Who is eligible for training under this program? Incumbent Workers are the eligible participants for training under this project. Incumbent workers are those individuals who are currently employed whose employers have determined that the workers require training in order to help keep their firms competitive and the subject workers employed, avert layoffs, upgrade workers' skills, increase wages earned by employees and/or keep workers’ skills competitive. Incumbent workers also include those workers in a layoff with recall rights when an employer has provided a date for anticipating when workers will be recalled to work.

Funding may be available to your workers! -  Learn more here...

Iowa's Voluntary Shared Work Program (VSW)

An Alternative to Layoffs - Legislation provides employers to opportunity to participate in the Shared Work Unemployment Insurance program, once a plan i approved by Iowa Workforce Development. The Shared Work Unemployment Insurance Program is designed to help both employers and employees. It is an alternative for employers faced with a reduction in force. It allows an employer to divide the available work or hours of work among a specified group of affected employees in lieu of a layoff, and it allows the employees to receive a portion of their unemployment insurance benefits while working reduced hours.  Employers must have paid all unemployment insurance contributions and filed all quarterly reports which are due in order to be eligible for this program. If you desire additional information regarding this program, please call 515-281-4973.

Iowa's National Career Readiness Certificate
In an effort to address workforce challenges, Iowa Workforce Development and Iowa's Community Colleges have implemented the Iowa's National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). An ACT assessment-based credential that gives employers and job seekers a uniform and objective measure of key workplace skills.

Employers now have a clear, standardized tool to assess the skill level of potential and current employees to assure job applicants actually have the basic work skills they seek and a way to determine an individual's readiness and trainability for positions within the company.

For more information on NCRC Click Here.  To learn the benefits of NCRC Click Here.

We are seeking employers in the Southern Iowa Region who will recommend the NCRC for their hiring practices for one or more of their positions.
For the Employer Letter of Commitment Click Here.

Over 600 Iowa Employers have committed in using NCRC!!!

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